SPAR offers a variety of adult and youth athletic leagues and activities which run throughout the year.

Adult Leagues

  1. 3 on 3 Unity Basketball Tournament
  2. Adult Basketball
  3. Adult Flag Football
  4. Adult Open Softball
  5. Adult COED Kickball

Youth Leagues

  1. Youth Track & Field
  2. MLB Jr. Homerun Derby
  3. T-Ball League
  4. Youth Football
  5. Youth Basketball Boys & Girls
  6. Youth 7 on 7 Football
  7. Volunteer Info

2021 0607 Youth Athletics Summer Track

Community Events

  1. Virtual Fun Run
  2. July Jump Rope Challenge
  3. Go Skateboarding Day

What other sports would you like to see SPAR Athletics provide? 

SPAR Athletics part-time employment opportunities:

Sports official

Site supervisor

For more information about these positions please contact

Soccer Leagues

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sarahMikayla Miller2

Superintendent of Athletics (Adult Leagues)

Supervisor II/Sports Coordinator

Supervisor II/Sports Coordinator

Lead Superintendent, SPAR Athletics

Superintendent of Athletics (Youth Leagues)

Superintendent of Athletics (Youth Leagues)