Facility Rental Fees

Community Centers

For rental information and questions, please contact each individual Community Center.

  • Multipurpose room with kitchen $25 / hour
  • Multipurpose room without kitchen $20 / hour
  • Foyer / game room $20 / hour
  • Gymnasium $50 / hour

Festival Plaza


  • All events are $500 / day, plus associated cost or by contract
  • Nonprofit / Established Religious Organizations $250 / day, plus additional contracted cost or by contract

Municipal Auditorium


Municipal Auditorium is now managed by SMG. Please contact SMG for rental information.

R.S. Barnwell Garden and Art Center


Randle T Moore Center


All events $25 / hour, plus overtime



  • One bay (5,400 square feet) $350 / day
  • Two bays (10,800 square feet) $650 / day
  • Three bays (Entire hall 16,200 square feet) $850 / day
  • Nonprofit / established or religious organizations, above rent totals would be one-half of what is listed

RiverView Theater


  • All events $1,100 / day
  • Nonprofit / established religious organizations events $425 / day
  • Hall usage on other than performance days for rehearsals, technical setup, and other activities required in the development and implementation of a performance - $25 / hour

Where, in connection with the rental of any city owned building, the setting up of exhibit booths is required, the following additional charges shall apply:

  • Novelty sales 15% of gross sales
  • Electricity supplies to exhibit booths:
    • Up to 300 Watts $10
    • Up to 300 Watts $10
    • 300 to 1,000 Watts $15
  • Food / beverages sold or served in the Building:
    • Catering charge for profit events 10%
    • Catering charge for nonprofit events 5%
    • Alcohol 20%
    • Novelty items 15%

Facility Rental Required Services

Verification of Insurance Coverage

Verification of insurance coverage of $ 1,000,000 property damage and bodily injury with the City of Shreveport as an additional insured with a waiver of subrogation is required for the use of city owned building. This should be provided by your own insurance company and verification of coverage must be received in the office no less than 30 days prior to the first day of the schedule event.

Uniformed Off-Duty Security

Uniformed off-duty security is r equired by the city for renting the public assembly facilities. For requirements and price quotation, call the Shreveport Police Department at 318.673.6945 or 318.673.6946.

Liquor Permit

A liquor permit is required when alcohol is sold, served, or consumed. Contact the ABO office at 318.673.6140.

Stage Hands

Stage hands a re required any time the theater is rented. Contact one of the following:

  • Local 298 at 318.227.2914
  • Bill Carrier (Star Productions) at 318.549.9098
  • Gumbeaux Productions at 318.455.2001

Box Office Services

  • Ticket Master at 318.741.9700
  • Pierre Bossier Center Information Center at 318.747.7500

Catering / Concessions Services Available

Call for more information 318.673.5100