Senior Programs

Celebrate Your Seniority & Have Fun Doing it

Within the Shreveport area, seniors are active and vibrant members of the community. That's why SPAR offers a myriad of programs and special events for the enjoyment of our seniors. Our daily programs offer all seniors the opportunity to lead active and fun-filled lives.

SPAR staff works exclusively in our Senior Program and are dedicated to providing programs and events that improve your quality of life.

Find more information on community centers, or contact Senior Program staff.


Program Schedule

Active Living Every Day  

"Active Living Every Day" is a 12 week program offering seniors a step-by-step plan for building a healthier life. The ALED program teaches participants to make healthy lifelong changes through their individual plans, successes and commitments. This program is funded through a grant received from National Recreation & Parks Association.  For more information, visit Active Living Every Day (ALED).

Fit & Strong

Fit & Strong is a physical activity program for seniors.  It is an 8 week program for adults with osteoarthritis.  For more information, visit Fit & Strong.

Walk With Ease

Walk with Ease is a program of the Arthritis Foundation that is proven to reduce the pain of arthritis and improve overall health.  The 6 week program helps seniors develop a walking plan, stay motivated, manage pain and learn to exercise safely.  For more information, visit Walk With Ease.

Arts & Crafts

A variety of crafts are taught and shared including sewing, quilting, and ceramics as well as specialty projects for the holidays and giftgiving. Participants provide some supplies.

Table Games

Enjoy dominoes, Phase 10, bridge, and many other popular games.


The Senior Program partners with various agencies to bring informative speakers to the community centers.

Community Choirs

SPAR's Senior Prog ram has established Senior Community Choirs at A. B. Palmer Community Center, Hattie Perry Community Center, and the original Senior Community Choir that began in 2004 at Airport Park Community Center.

The community choirs perform at locations throughout Shreveport. Do you have a great voice? Join a SPAR senior community choir near you.

Field Trips

Bowl the perfect score or join us for a matinee. There are many fun trips to local Shreveport destinations. Participants must pay their own admission fee.

Computers Level One

The objective of this course is to assure that the student can use and understand a computer. The subject matter of the course includes essential computer terminology, the strengths and limitations of computers, basic skills in the use of Windows, the internet, and email.

Valuable Information

Senior Scams & Fraud Prevention

Every year, roughly 7 million adults 65 and older fall victim to senior scams, according to data from Comparitech. The best way to avoid losing money or confidential information to a scammer is by learning to recognize the different types of fraud and when you may be the target. Visit Seniors Scams: The Complete Guide by to learn how you can watch out for fraud.

Eye Care Guide for Seniors

Adults ages 40 and older in the United States are at the highest risk for eye diseases. The risk raises even more for seniors aged 65 and above. Vision loss doesn’t just impact your eyes. It can also raise the chances of social isolation, falls and accidents, chronic health conditions, and depression. Visit Eye Care Guide for Seniors by to learn how you can take care of your eyesight.

Neurological Disorders and Eyesight

You may understand nearsightedness, farsightedness, and other common eye conditions. You know they stem from the anatomy of your eye, paired with lifestyle choices and potential injuries. But did you know your vision also relies on a delicate network of brain cells and nerves? If those are damaged, you can develop vision issues, and some are severe. Visit Neurological Disorders and Eyesight by to know what to look out for.

Best Adjustable Beds of 2022

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as many as one in three adults do not get the recommended 7 hours of sleep. This puts them at risk for developing certain health conditions associated with inadequate sleep, such as obesity, depression, diabetes, and heart disease. In some cases, doctors have recommend adjustable beds as part of the treatment for certain conditions. To help you sift through the many brands and models of adjustable beds available, has created a guide that covers the prices, features, warranties, and more of the top ten brands on the market! Visit The Best Adjustable Beds of 2022 by to know what to shop for!